Results - 1st July 2007 - click here for the IceCalc details

John Hamer Cup level 3, mixed
 1Chloë Fowler
 2Kellie Jacques
Gaswarm Trophy level 2, boys
 1Luke Smith
Bronze Trophy level 4, mixed
 1Luke Russell
Molly Smith Memorial level 5, mixed
 1Rebecca Kempt
Novice Cup level 1, girls
 1Katie Parkinson
 2Zoe Kentish
 3Penny Hartley
 4Lauren Maxworthy
 5Georgia Reid
 6Eloise Smallridge
Kenvale Trophy beginner, over 9, girls
 1Kim Sifleet
 2Amelia Palmer
 3Chloe Randall
Graeme Blair Trophy beginner, under 10, girls
 1Jodie Russell
 2Alexandra Spillett
 3Josie Goss
Bunny Hop Trophy beginners with no competition programme
 1Michael Taylor
 2Ffion Johnson
 3Alice Angel
 4Jamie Bethel
 5Erell Durrant-Clark
Appleton Trophy beginner, boys
 1Harry Palmer
Ice Bowl Trophy level 2, girls
 1Aimeé Capelett
 2Megan Capon
Dinham Pairs Trophy no pairs test together
 1Chloë Fowler & Luke Smith


Results - 8th July 2007 - click here for the IceCalc details

R & R Junior Sports Shield level 1 and under artistic
 1Luke Smith
Evening Post Trophy any standard/age couples dance
 1Hannah Smith & Kieran Hopcraft 
 2Catherine Kempt & Barrie Haigh
 3Tracey Kelly & Martin Hall
Social Club Cup levels 1-3 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Thomas Shelbourne
 2Megan Capon
 3Aimeé Capelett
 4John Hemsley
Shirelle Kyle Shield level 4 compulsory dance and above solo dance
 1Rebecca Kempt
 2Catherine Kempt
 3Barrie Haigh
 4Martin Hall
Silhouette Trophy under 16, under level 1 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Hannah Shelbourn
 2Lauren Maxworthy
 3Emily Muir
 4Jodie Russell
Hussar Trophy level 5 free dance and below, 1½ mins free dance
 1Caitlin Gilmore
 2Aimeé Capelett
 3Megan Capon
Alice Beatrice Memorial Trophy level 6 free dance and over, 2 mins free dance
 1Rebecca Kempt
Paynter Novice Dance Award combined standard of level 6 comp dance, couples dance
 1Hannah Shelbourn & Thomas Shelbourn
 2Sue Richards & John Hemsley
 3Elizabeth Smith & Martin Hall
 4Carol Wright & Barrie Haigh
GID&FSC Exhibition Cup artistic for 2 to 6 skaters
 1Chloë Fowler & Luke Smith