Results - 13th June 2010 - click here for the IceCalc details

Ice Bowl Trophy level 2, mixed
 1Aaron Freeman
 2Alex Spillett
 3Isobel Reeves
Novice Cup level 1, girls
 1Jenna Parkin
 2Siân Wise
 3Dixie Bignell
 4Lucy Frost
Kenvale Trophy beginner, 9 and over, girls
 1Olivia Preston
 2Heather Whitfield
 3Katie Modlock
 4Sophie Johns
 5Nadia Willison
 6Meghan Grieve
Graeme Blair Trophy beginner, 8 and under, girls
 1Angel Danko
 2Jaycie Fry
 3Kayla Fry
 4Natalie Cooper
 5Courtney Wagon
 6Lucy Parish
 7Mia Kearns
 =Ella Rose
Bunny Hop Trophy beginners with no competition programme - 8 and under
 1Jessica Preston
 2Chloe Hardy
 3Victoria Lane
 =Charlotte Moore
 5Demi Herron
 6Kayleigh Creasey
 7Chloe Bailey
 8Emily Lane
 9Katie Parish
Bunny Hop Trophy beginners with no competition programme - 9 and over
 1Jade Hambrook
 2Georgia Haley-Crook
 3Annalise McKie
 4Anna Chacon
 5Cassie Stone
 6Sara King
 7Grace Kay
Appleton Trophy beginner, boys
 1Kallum Bridges
Trophy Shop Trophy level 1, boys
 1Oliver Martin
Molly Smith Memorial Trophy level 5, mixed
 1Chloë Fowler
R&R Junior Sports Shield beginner solo artistic
 1Katie Modlock
 2Angel Danko
GID&FSC Exhibition Cup group artistic
 1Emily & Grace Bryant


Results - 18th July 2010 - click here for the IceCalc details

Silhouette Trophy under 18, under level 1 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Angel Danko
 2Alex Spillett
 3Nadia Willison
 4Victoria Lane
 5Demi Herron
Colleen's Dance Cup under level 3 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Lucy Frost
 2Aaron Freeman
 3Valerie Edwards
 4Julie Bonner
Social Club Cup under level 6 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Aimee Capelett
 2Barrie Haigh
Shirelle Kyle Shield any standard compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Rebecca Kempt
 2Megan Capon
 3Thomas Shelbourn
Paynter Novice Dance Award combined standard of under level 7 comp dance, couples dance
 1Aimee Capelett & Liam Dyke
 2Lucy Frost & Barrie Haigh
 3Sue Richards & John Hemsley
 4Jodie Russell & Aaron Freeman
 5Victoria Lane & Thomas Shelbourn
Evening Post Trophy any standard/age couples dance
 1Rebecca Kempt & Luke Russell
 2Juliet Lane & David Dinsdale
 3Megan Capon & Thomas Shelbourn
Hussar Trophy level 5 free dance and below, 1½ mins free dance
 1Aimeé Capelett
 2Megan Capon
 3Jodie Russell
 4Siân Wise
 5Alex Spillett
 6Lucy Frost
Alice Beatrice Memorial Trophy level 6 free dance and over, 2 mins free dance
 1Rebecca Kempt