Results - 14th June 2014 - click here for the IceCalc details

Bunny Hop Trophy - a beginners with no competition programme, 9 & under
 1Jasmin Fairbrass
 2Kyra Dyson
 3Jazmyn Mansfield
 4Erin Hutchnson
Bunny Hop Trophy - b beginners with no competition programme, 10 and over
 1Paige Hughes
 2Louise Sinden
 3Asti Mardell
 4Ellie Mardell
 5Hannah Clewes
 6Katie Rose
Graeme Blair Trophy beginner, 9 and under, girls
 1Keira Bishop
 2Victoria Mitrofanenko
 3Katie Evans
 4Stephanie Clarke
 5Katie Jones
 6Beth Brewster
 7Maddie Walker
 8Evelyn Aspinall
 9Lucy Tallon
Kenvale Trophy beginner, 10 and 11, girls
 1Erin Ayerst
 2Aimée Evans
 3Sophie Tallon
 4Lucy Heneke
 5Abigail Clarke
 6Abigail Green
 7Ameeliah Alford-Banks
 8Aisha Brari
Jenny Stevens Cup beginner, 12 and over, girls
 1Yasmin Kerkham
 2Kasie Laws
 3Molly Jeffery
 4Alice Boxall
 5Annie-Rose Grant
 6Ellie Clark
 7Samantha Brooks
 8Morgan Smith
 9Eloise Holland
Appleton Trophy beginner, boys
 1Zachary Martin
 2Billy Pearse
 3Ollie Green
Novice Cup level 1, girls
 1Jessica Edwards
 2Freya Godfrey
 3Lily Lawlor Mottram
 4Isobel Tweedie
 5Bethany-May Ralph
Trophy Shop Trophy level 1, boys
 1Jamie Foyster
Ice Bowl Trophy level 2, mixed
 1Abbie Cura
 2Cassie Stone
 3Chloe Hardy
 4Maya Foyster
Bronze Trophy level 4, mixed
 1Oliver Martin
 2Courtney Wagon
Perry & Partners Trophy level 6, mixed
 1Kayla Fry

Results - 21st June 2014 - click here for the IceCalc details

R&R Junior Sports Shield beginner solo artistic
 1Katie Evans
 2Yasmin Kerkham
 3Aimee Evans
 4Kasie Laws
 5Erin Ayerst
 6Sophie Tallon
R&R Sports Shield level 1 & over solo artistic
 1Ella Rose
 2Cassie Stone
 3Jessica Edwards
GID&FSC Exhibition Cup group artistic
 1Cassie Stone & Yasmin Kerkham
 2Naomi Pawlak & Tamara Pawlak
Silhouette Trophy under 18, under level 1 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Zachary Martin
 2Jamie Foyster
 3Maya Foyster
Colleen's Dance Cup under level 3 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Chloe Hardy
 2Nadia Willison
 3Kayleigh Creasey
Social Club Cup under level 6 compulsory dance, solo dance
 1Courtney Wagon
Evening Post Trophy any standard/age couples dance
 1Catherine Kempt & Barrie Haigh
Hussar Trophy level 5 free dance and below, 1½ mins free dance
 1Courtney Wagon
 2Nadia Willison
 3Chloe Hardy
 4Kayleigh Creasey
 =Maya Foyster