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Congratulations to the following club members on their recent test passes
December 2006
Chloé HeardLevel 4 Variation Dance
Luke RussellLevel 4 Elements
Level 4 Programme
Caitlin GilmoreLevel 3 Elements
Level 3 Programme
Kellie JacquesLevel 3 Elements
Level 3 Programme
Prelim Field Moves
Megan CaponLevel 2 Programme
Lucy WoodLevel 2 Free Dance
Katherine BarrettLevel 1 Elements
Level 1 Programme
Novice Field Moves
Kieran HopcraftInter-silver Field Moves
Rebecca KemptInter-silver Field Moves
Chloë FowlerInter-bronze Field Moves
Caitlin GilmoreInter-bronze Field Moves
Juliet LaneInter-bronze Field Moves
Molly AllenPrelim Field Moves
Zoë RyanPrelim Field Moves
Kim SifleetNovice Field Moves