1997 open competition successes for Gillingham club skaters

Partners shown in grey were not from our club

Alexandra Palace Hana Connor
  & Barrie Haigh
Couples Dance, Bronze & Below
  Hayley Hawkes
Hannah Smith
Juliet Lane
  & Barrie Haigh
Under Novice, 9 and Over
Under Novice, 8 and Under
Couples Dance, Inter-silver & Below
Chelmsford Shelley Tapsell CRISC Cup for Free Skating
  Amy Lennon
Kieran Hopcraft
Heather Neville Trophy
Under Prelim Boys, under 11
  Hannah Smith CRISC Cup for Free Skating
Swindon Luke Chilcott David Reynolds Trophy
  Colleen Stammers
Jade Hinksman
  & Luke Chilcott
Luke Chilcott
Wendy Clay Artistic Cup
Molly Dolora East Trophy
SIFL Trophy
Basingstoke Luke Chilcott Under Prelim Boys, 10 and Under
Sandra Hamer
Sandra Hamer
Sandra Hamer
  & drawn partner
Tarbay Ice Dance Trophy
Susan Lewis Adult Solo Dance
Hollingdon Trophy
  Barrie Haigh
Sandra Hamer
  & Barrie Haigh
Dove Trophy
Thompson Cup
  Barrie Haigh
Keith Paynter

Sandra Hamer
  & Barrie Haigh
Taylor Cup
Lister Trophy
Stukley Couples Dance Trophy
Guildford John Hamer Bernard Eddy Trophy
Colleen Stammers
Lisa Brett
Jade Lipyeat
Jade Lipyeat
Jade Hinksman
  & Luke Chilcott
John Hamer
Luke Chilcott
Rosina Memorial Trophy
Star Bowl Artistic Trophy
Friendship Trophy
Gwendoline Cup
Kent Invicta Pairs Cup
Fred Chilcott Memorial Trophy
Beaver Artistic Cup
  Lucie-Jayne Smith GID&FSC Junior Shield
  Rachel Hurst
Luke Chilcott
Kent Invicta Cup for Girls
Luke Chilcott Trophy
Oxford Luke Chilcott OFFISC Trophy Under Prelim, Under 9
    (adult) Juliet Lane
  & Barrie Haigh
Removille Cup
Streatham John Hamer Parry Trophy
Bracknell John Hamer Chairman´s Trophy
  Luke Chilcott Trio Trophy
Peterborough John Hamer RC Trophy