Result and points - 10 June 2010 - Class 1

1stStuart Prentice6 points
2ndAnna Chacon4 points
3rdKayleigh Burnett2 points

and 1 point each for the following skaters who took part :-

Chloe Bailey  Hannah Bryant  Charli-Rose Haley-Crook
Georgia Haley-Crook  Chloe Hardy

Well done all skaters - after six rounds our class 1 champion is ANNA - the final scores are :-

Anna Chacon16Hannah Bryant5
Emily Lane10Becky King5
Kayleigh Burnett8Charli-Rose Haley-Crook4
Chloe Bailey6Sarah King4
Georgia Haley-Crook6Jai Elkan 1
Molly Hyndman6Chloe Hardy1
Stuart Prentice6Grace Richardson1