Result and points - 9 June 2016 - Class 1

1st Poppy Goodall6 points
2nd Isabella Williams4 points
3rd Sophie Fewtrell2 points

and 1 point for the following skaters who also took part :-

Arion Chandler  Sam Harwood

Well done all skaters - after six rounds our class 1 champion is POPPY - the final scores are :-

Poppy Goodall27
Isabella Williams19
Sophia Long8
Joshua Clarke7
Sophie Loveridge6
Jessica Mayo6
Grayson Fairbrass4
Sophie Fewtrell4
Jessica Gould4
Arion Chandler4
Beatriz Parrilha-Bolton3
Nicole Crockard2
Sam Harwood2
Sarah Thorpe2
Megan Lamey1
Millie White1