Result and points - 13 July 2000 - Class 2

Sophie Jones6 points
Megan Johnston4 points
Harriet Johnston2 points

and 1 point each for the following skaters who took part :-

Taigh Giles   Katherine Kelley   Rebecca Kempt
Sammi Margerum   Elizabeth Murphy   Frances Negus
Shani Negus   Chloë Quinton   Emma Trevelyan
Vicky Ward   Emma Willby

Well done all skaters - after six rounds our class 2 champion is SOPHIE - the final scores are :-

Sophie Jones30Rachel Clark4
Megan Johnston12Elizabeth Murphy4
Taigh Giles11Craig Edwards2
Chloë Quinton10Melissa Edwards2
Sandor Petroczi9Daisy Potter2
Emma Willby8Harry Potter2
Harriet Johnston7Katherine Kelley2
Rebecca Kempt6Sammi Margerum2
Emma Trevelyan6Shani Negus1
Frances Negus5Mark Shillingford1
Hannah Whitcombe5Luke Smith1
Vicky Ward5