Result and points - 20 June 2002 - Class 2

Oliver Tuffney6 points
Jasmin Hinksman4 points
Melissa Tett-White2 points

and 1 point each for the following skaters who took part :-

Brandon Dyke  Craig Edwards  Chloë Fowler  Jade Glowacki  
Thalia Kemp   Milly Naseb   Laura Rose-Wilkins   Luke Russell
Luke Smith   Charlotte Tuffney   Kevin Tuffney

Well done all skaters - after six rounds our class 2 champion is MELISSA - the final scores are :-

Melissa Tett-White26Brandon Dyke3
Jasmin Hinksman17Shani Negus3
Craig Edwards9Jade Glowacki2
Chloë Fowler9Thalia Kemp1
Frances Negus8Luke Smith1
Luke Russell6Hannah Thurgood1
Oliver Tuffney6Charlotte Tuffney1
Laura Rose-Wilkins5Kevin Tuffney1
Milly Naseb5