Result and points - 14 July 2005 - Class 2

Laura Dagga
Rebecca Shelbourn
Eloise Smallridge
6 points each

The first ever 3-way tie!
and 1 point each for the following skaters who took part :-

Dani Chattenton  Kira Chattenton  Penny Hartley
Harry Palmer  Charlotte Roberts  Jodie Russell
Hannah Shelbourn  Matthew Shelbourn  Christopher Webster

Well done all skaters - our class 2 champion after six rounds is MEGAN - the final scores are :-

Megan Capon16Harry Palmer4
Aimeé Capelett12Matthew Shelbourn4
Caitlin Gilmore12Christopher Webster4
Laura Dagga10Kira Chattenton3
Eloise Smallridge10Hannah Shelbourn3
Luke Smith10Molly Allen2
Rebecca Shelbourn9Amy Mardell2
Madeleine Jebson8Charlotte Roberts2
Jodie Russell5Josie Goss1
Jennifer Staines5Penny Hartley1
Dani Chattenton4Amelia Palmer1
Jade Glowacki4