Result and points - 7 June 2007 - Class 2

Jodie Russell6 points
Harry Palmer4 points
Amelia Palmer2 points

and 1 point each for the following skaters who took part :-

Grace Callard  Megan Forge  Josie Goss  Chloe Randall
Charlotte Roberts  Claudia Sampson  Alexandra Spillett  Michael Taylor

Well done all skaters - our class 2 champion after six rounds is JODIE - the final scores are :-

Jodie Russell22Michael Taylor3
* Georgia Reid16Erell Durrant Clark2
Megan Walker16Amelia Palmer2
Alexandra Spillett8Chloe Smith2
Josie Goss6Grace Callard1
Chloe Randall6Georgia Church1
Deanne Lucas4Megan Forge1
Harry Palmer4Lizzie Jackson1
Claudia Sampson4Charlotte Roberts1
Emmi Baines3  

* skaters who pass the level 1 test are no longer eligible