Result and points - 11 June 2009 - Class 2

1stLucy Frost6 points
2ndJenna Parkin4 points
3rdGrace Callard2 points

and 1 point each for the following skaters who took part :-

Samantha Bennett  Sophie Bennett  Hannah Bryant
Natalie Cooper  Jaycie Fry   Kayla Fry   Lucy Graves  Demi Herron
Mia Kearns  Victoria Lane  Jessica Preston
Olivia Preston  Olivia Reynolds  Courtney Wagon  Nadia Willison 

Well done all skaters - after six rounds our class 2 champion is DARREN the final scores are :-

Darren Payne18Michael Taylor5
Lucy Frost17Natalie Cooper4
Jenna Parkin15Sophie Bennett3
Isobel Reeves14Lucy Graves3
Olivia Reynolds8Charlotte Moore3
Grace Callard6Courtney Wagon3
Kayla Fry6Chloe Bailey2
Nadia Willison6Samantha Bennett2
Jaycie Fry5Hannah Bryant2
Demi Herron5Rebecca Ingleton2
Mia Kearns5Charlotte Bendkowski1
Victoria Lane5Chloe Graves1
Jessica Preston5Sarah Mencattelli1
Olivia Preston5Jenna Smith1