Forms.... forms..... forms

Yes, I know they are boring, but until everybody puts up with the electronic age we'll just have to live with them.

To save you hunting around this site and others, I've grouped them all on one page.

There's 2 basic ways of extracting forms

Use the 2nd option to save the form on your computer to read/amend it at your leisure later - this is the quicker option.

Most forms are Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF documents

Gillingham Club

Other Clubs - opens forms

GID&FSC Constitution (revised at AGM 2015)  
GID&FSC Anti Bullying Policy  

Inter-Club Competitions

Training Camps & Seminars




Membership and Tests - online Rules and Constitution
Permits - online RIDL rules appendix A - final rules
Technical - online RIDL rules appendix B - dance sections
  RIDL final results system  - excel
  RIDL final team sheets - excel
  RIDL SE heats results system - excel
  Final 2014 results calculation and perceived standard rules

Gillingham I.D.& F.S.C. accept no responsibility for the content of forms not from our club