Kent Opens 2010

9 - level 3 ladies
(Howarth Shield)


1Elis BROOKS ISS Coventry1.01
2Anastasia SHMYGLYA Guildford2.02
3Rebecca HUTCHISON North Lanarkshire3.03
4Laura CLARKE Waterfront4.04
5Holly MCNIVEN Murrayfield5.05
6Lucy FORREST National Ice Centre6.06
7Holly STEPHENS Chelmsford7.07
8Elizabeth ELIAS Guildford8.08
9Bethanie DALY ISS Coventry9.09
10Brieanne JONES Cannock10.010
11Hannah FIRMIN Gillingham11.011
12Lucy BOOTH Basingstoke12.012
13Tia DALEY Isle of Wight13.013
14Alaurs-Lilie PALMER ISS Coventry14.014
15Serena HOWARD Guildford15.015

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