Kent Opens 2011

2b - beginner ladies, 10 and 11
(GID&FSC Junior Shield)


FPl.NameClub / RinkPointsFS
1Tegan ARNOTTGalleon1.01
2Olivia NEILChelmsford2.02
3Katerina POULIOSGuildford3.03
4Alexandra APPLEBYChelmsford4.04
5Louisa WOOTTONISS Cannock5.05
6Megan MORLEYIce Sheffield6.06
7Rebecca SCOTTGuildford7.07
8Emma REECEISS Cannock8.08
9April WOOLRIDGEChelmsford9.09
10Reagan KENDALLISS Cannock10.010
11Megan CHRISTIANGillingham11.011
12Cassie STONEGillingham12.012

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