Kent Opens 2011

4c - level 1 ladies, 13 and over
(Rebelle Trophy)


FPl.NameClub / RinkPointsFS
1Rachel NORRISNorth Lanarkshire1.01
2Katherine QUINNNorth Lanarkshire2.02
3Eden MEREDITHISS Cannock3.03
4Beckie VOCKINSIsle of Wight4.04
5Nicolé BRITTENISS Cannock5.05
6Laura WALTERSCannock6.06
7Morgan GRAYNorth Lanarkshire7.07
8Megan REESAshfield8.08
9Jessica STEWARDSONSolihull9.09
10Catherine TANSEYSwindon10.010
11Chloe ROSELee Valley11.011
12Kirsty ATTERIsle of Wight12.012
13Heather WHITFIELDGillingham13.013

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