Kent Opens 2011

9 - level 3 ladies
(Howarth Shield)


FPl.NameClub / RinkPointsFS
1Elizabeth WILDMANNorth Lanarkshire1.01
2Amy WORLDGosport2.02
3Sofia KNOXSwindon3.03
4Natasha GADSDONLee Valley4.04
5Maddy RAVENChelmsford5.05
6Emily LEMOTTEENational Ice Centre6.06
7Charlotte CHAPMANIsle of Wight7.07
8Katie MORLEYNottingham8.08
9Chloe HUTCHINSONNational Ice Centre9.09
10Amelia BIRCHISS Cannock10.010
11Molly PERRYISS Coventry11.011
12Maddie EVANSBirmingham12.012
13Miesha COOKE SMITHMilton Keynes13.013
14Hollie RAWLINSChelmsford14.014
15Emily UNDERWOODSolihull15.015
16Nicole HENDERSONMurrayfield16.016
17Nicola WOOTTONCannock17.017
18Poppy HOBBSNottingham18.018
19Keelin SCHOLESIsle of Wight19.019
20Emily BEATONBradford20.020
21Alanis-Lilie PALMERSolihull21.021

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